Tuesday, November 21, 2017

3 more days for the opening of Mykarelli's Grill Lifestyle District

Mykarelli's Grill, Cagayan de Oro's best place for Kagay-an grilled and other family comfort food, will open another "instagramable" branch in the Lifetyle District on the 23rd of November. As we all know, Mykarelli's Grill is one of the pioneers in the Lifestyle District, and yes, this will be a second branch in the area. Bigger, better and still great food and service that we all love about Mykarelli's Grill.

As a treat to their new branch and to us loyal patrons, they will be having a "Buy One Take One" treat Manok Inasal and my all time "the usual order" the Pork BBQ meals. Both meals comes with unli rice too.

This promo is only valid on the opening day (November 23,2017) from 4:30 - 7:00 pm. Kita kits didto mga higala. bring one bring all and enjoy these yummy Buy 1 Take 1 deal.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Mykarelli's Grill Will Open their Newest Branch at Lifestyle District

Mykarelli's Grill, Cagayan de Oro's best place for Kagay-an grilled and other family comfort food, will open another "instagramable" branch in the Lifetyle District on the 23rd of November. As we all know, Mykarelli's Grill is one of the pioneers in the Lifestyle District, and yes, this will be a second branch in the area. Bigger, better and still great food and service that we all love about Mykarelli's Grill.

As a treat to their new branch and to us loyal patrons, they will be having a "Buy One Take One" treat Manok Inasal

and my all time "the usual order" the Pork BBQ meals.

This promo is only valid on the opening day (November 23,2017) from 4:30 - 7:00 pm. Kita kits didto mga higala. bring one bring all and enjoy these yummy Buy 1 Take 1 deal.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

New Kiosk of Bite Me Up in Centrio

11 November 2017
Centrio Mall

Bite Me Up Corporation, makers of Cagayan de Oro's newest pasalalubong ng Kagay-an sa bayan, opened its new kiosk at the Centrio Mall. Located between the Corrales entrance and BPI.

Bite Me Up started its venture by introducing the Brownie Bites two years ago i think. sorry i lost count. anyways, Brownie Bites is a bite sized fudge brownies, individually packed and boxed of 16s. Perfect anytime specially during afternoon tea or coffee.

Last Kahimunan Trade Fair they introduced to the public the two new variants: the Crispy Brownies; and the Cashew Crunch. It is also individually packed but boxed of 6s. Crispy Brownies is crispy thin version of the Brownie Bites.

and as for the Cashew Crunch is also crispy thins and taste somehow like the meringue of a Sans Rival. A Sans Rival without the buttercream.

I hope to see you there and try some of these yummy treats. as for me, i keep on buying 2 boxes of each variant and send it back home in manila. as for the price, here's the price. enjoy your Bite Me Up treats mga higala. for more photos of the event, see it on my Official Facebook Page.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Seda Centrio's Wine Buffet

09 November 2017
Misto at Seda Centrio

While I am waiting for the "Flavors of Spain" Themed Buffet, the Misto Crew are busy preparing and setting up a wine gallery on my favorite spot in the resto.

I thought that it will be a part of the Themed Buffet, but as the meeting cum party goes on, i learned that Misto at Seda Centrio is having a Wine Buffet everyday, from 5pm to 8pm at 750 pesos net per person.

"Set your evenings free for "Wine Buffet" at the Misto. Indulge in an array of select and premium wines varying from color, taste and aroma for that gratifying experience." as captioned from Seda centrio's Official Facebook Page.

They have a wide variety of wines from red to white, from France to Italy. Aside from the bottomless wines for 3 hours, they will also serve you a round of sidings and canapes.

For inquiries and table reservations, please call (088) 323 8888 or 09175775910. You may also email cdo@sedahotels.com. The Misto is located on the 4th floor of the hotel.

"Flavors of Spain": Seda Centrio's New Themed Buffet

09 November 2017

Starting this day, every Thursdays thereafter, Seda Centrio's Misto Restaurant will have a Spanish Cuisine Themed Dinner Buffet.

Our (Filipino) cuisine is mainly based from Spanish Cuisine, just like our adobo, menudo and caldereta, making this themed buffet a great comfort food for us. on this opening night, i indulged from my comfort Spanish (inspired) dishes. for starters, i had a cup of Garlic Soup, Tapas of Cold Cuts and Albondigas (meatballs stew).

Clockwise starting from bottom left: Garlic Soup, Bread, Albondigas and Cold Cuts

Next, of course, my ultimate favorites, Callos and Seafood Paella. I used the bread to get every drip of Callo's rich, yummy sauce.

Clockwise: Bread, Callos and, Paella

if you think that i only got a small portions, well, let's just say, i went back to the buffet table around 4 times making me super stuffed. for more photos of what we had that night, check out my Official Facebook Page Album.

Buffet Starts at 6pm until 10pm. for reservations pls call (088) 323-8888 or 0917-577 5910; or visit Misto at the 4/f of Seda Centrio. photos here is the the menu of the day, the Resto has the right to change the menu without prior notice. Price starts at 650 per head.

Flavors of Spain is Every Thursdays. For Friday nights, the Flame and Grill Themed Buffet is still on going. Also on saturdays' Seafood Frenzy Themed Buffet is still available. Hope to bump on you soon on these themed buffets. Kita Kits mga Higala.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Nic's Pizza Baguettes Opens New Branch

Nic's Pizza Baguettes, a true Kagay-anon pizza chain, who revolutionized a new kind of pizza, opens a new branch. Located on the 2/f of the Limketkai Mall near Cinema 1.

Nic's Pizza Baguettes, made a new style and a new kind of pizza by using baguettes instead of the usual round pizza dough. They also, as to my knowledge, the first pizza store to use white sauce instead of the usual red tomato sauce as base.

for the meantime, the Limketkai branch is offering pizza baguette with fries starting at 65 pesos a serving.

on the other news, their main branch in Dolores street, they are now offering the pizza squares and soon a new "pasta" dish will come out so we are hoping to see you there mga higala.

Nic's Pizza Baguettes, Tatak Lokal, Tatak Kagay-anon!!!

Monday, November 06, 2017

Tapa King CdeO Celebrates 2nd year in the City

4 November 2017
Tapa King CdeO
Divisoria Branch

Tapa King, came to CdeO 2 years ago. Their Divisoria branch was the first here in CdeO, then came Elipe Park Branch in Carmen soon came after. These branches are 2 of 5 here in Mindanao. Tapa King now have a hundred branches worldwide and fast growing in numbers due to its trusted name and easy franchising schemes.

To celeberate its 2nd year here in CdeO, they offered Tapa King Meal which worth around 110 pesos for just 20 pesos for the first 100 customers at lunch time. as expected, the loyal customers came and lined up orderly.

For those who haven't tried Tapa King, this is the best time to check them out, they also service other meals besides Tapsilog. They have great variety of meals to choose from. All day Silogs, snacks and main dishes that defines their slogan "Lutong Bahay, Kain Bahay".

Clockwise starting from the leftmost:
Bulalo, Smoked Bangus, Crispy Liempo, Kare-Kare, Tapa King and, Tapa Queen.

I'm encouraging everyone to try out Tapa King. Here in CdeO, they have two branches: in DVsoria thats between united bookstore and BDO Velez; and the other one is in Elipe Park just infront of SSS Carmen.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Thai Me Up: New Face Same Yummy Goodness

23 October 2017
Thai Me Up
Centrio Ayala Mall

Our beloved Thai and Southeast Asian Cuisine restaurant for years now. For the last months,Thai Me Up made some renovations thus it was closed for for a short period. Now the new face of Thai Me Up is finally arrived and now opens it doors to the public. We cant thank you enough Thai Me Up for the privilege that you gave to me and to this blog to have a first dibs on your newly upgraded store.


The new store's interior is highly inspired to a market scene in Thailand. Where in different stalls and shops all line up for its customers. The (bar) counter looks abit the same but the new decors really captured me.

Interior; Left Side Wall

As for the food, it is still the best as before. If you tried Thai Me Up before for sure you will be familiar with Pad Thai, Tom Yum and the best cake (for me) here in CdeO the Mango Mamboo. For you who haven't tried Thai Me Up, let me share my List of my Favorites in Thai Me Up.

For appetizers, i recommend Crispy Pork Salad. I personaly call this as balanced diet meal. It a combo of green salad and chunks of crispy pork.

Crispy Pork Salad

 Let's warm up our tummy by having this best seller, the Tom Yum Goong.

Tom Yum Goong

but if you like something lighter, try this Beef Noodle Soup. For me, this is better than Pho.

Beef Noodle Soup

For the Main Entries, let me recommend Grilled Cut Squid. I love squid and Thai Me Up made it better.

Grilled Cut Squid

Of course, Thai dish will never be complete without Chicken Satay.

Chicken Satay
and this, Garlic Sesame Spareribs (pork),

Garlic Sesame Pork Spareribs

oh, and of course, the feast is not complete without rice and i love Thai Bagoong Rice

Thai Bagoong Rice

Pair this feast with their coolers (no photo available; sorry i forgot) and end it with this ultimate cake. Just a warning thou, this cake is sweet tooth's heaven but a nightmare to sensitive teeth. Meringue + choco ice cream + mangoes equals the Mango Mamboo

Thai Me Up is still the best in Thai Cuisine inspired resto here in CdeO. The store had a major facelift but it is still under the same management and of course, the same Thai Goodness that you'll surely love. For more photos , i made an photo album on my Facebookpage. Please give it a try.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Cucina Higala Lauches New Set of Heirloom Dishes

18 October 2017
Cucina Higala
Capistrano Street, CdeO

Cucina Higala, one of CdeO's finest Filipino themed restaurant now offers new variety of dishes and snacks. As always, they cooked it they way we loved it and even more special (in my own taste). The launch was attended by our friends both from the media and us bloggers. They have nearly 20 new dishes and about 7 unique shakes. please visit my facebook page for the complete photo album. for this post i'll only feature that for me is the best recommendation i can give. surely, you and your loved ones will definitely love these:

Lumpiang Shanghai

Lumpia is my ultimate comfort food, be it shanghai, fresh or mung sprouts. Cucina Higala offers both Lumpiang Shanghai (photo above) and Fresh Lumpia. What's good about Cucina Higala's Lumpiang Shanghai is, it is stays crispy for a longer period of time plus, its more meat than wrapper.

Tinolang Manok is the comfort soup. The gingery chicken broth is a good feast kick starter thats warms up the appetite and the big servings of chicken pieces will fill you up.

This is the BEST kaldereta i had in years, trust me, its really the best.

of course! meal time is not complete without rice. I recommend this Beef Fried Rice than the usual plain steamed rice. its a good complement to all of their dishes.

Im a Cola / Soda person thus shakes for drinks is not my kind of drink BUT since here in Mindanao we have mangoes all year round so I am giving this Green Mango Shake an exemption. I really love green mangoes.

So on your next barkada blowout or family gathering, check out Cucina Higala, you will definitely love the great food and the great place they have. See you there mga higala!!!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Ola Gringo! Welcome to CdeO

11 October 2017

Hey there Tex-Mex fans of CdeO, Gringo, is now open at the 2/f of the SM CDO Downtown Premier. Her sister company, Tokyo Bubble Tea, is also now open at the ground floor, details of it will be on the next blog post.

This branch is Gringo's first store outside metro manila. their specialties are ribs and chicken in a tex-mex way. They also have seafood dishes. i like their fried catfish complimented by their signature sauce.

Nachos, Ribs and Chicken (showcase only, not the usual serving)

The opening was attended by us the CDO Bloggers, friends from the media and v/blogging royalties like Ms. Vern Enciso, Ms. Vina Guerero, the wonder twins Joi and Jai to name a few. sorry i really forgot their names. ill just make some editing here as soon as i got their names right.

Its an awesome opening party with friends, food and booze. they gave as a sample of their signature dishes. all i can say about the (sample) food is that i really need to go back to Gringo.

clockwise starting from the bottled sauce: Original roast chicken, fried catfish, southern spiced chicken, ribs, mexican rice, corn, pork belly.

as i said awhile ago, i like the fried catfish, its crispy and well seasoned. the spiced chicken comes next. as for the ribs and pork belly, hmmm???? i think i need to go back and have some more to make a comment and for me to experience their ambiance and service a bit more. so i hope to see you there mga higala. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Pink Zumba CDO 2017

15 October 2017
to view the full album to this event, please visit My Facebook Page

To raise awareness about breast cancer on this pink month of October, Ms. Honey Mangubat, a certified member of Zumba Instructors Network (ZIN) and also a breast cancer survivor, organized a zumba party held in Rodelsa Circle.

Together with her are her fellow ZINs, Thrive CDO Breast Cancer Awareness Advocacy Group, and some generous sponsors. In spite of a rainy (rainshowers to be exact) sunday early morning, it was attended by nearly a hundred zumba / fitness enthusiast and ZINs from different towns and cities as far as Ozamis City.

participants and ZINs

i heard that many signed up and registered but since it was raining, some of them did not make it. also, the park (rodelsa circle) is a public park for many joggers and runners, they also joined the party.

what made me happy and a bit of emotional too, is that to see ms. Jannice Sanz again for almost 7 months. Jannice is one of my wife's classmate in both chemo and radiation therapies. im happy because seeing a fighter and a survivor is a message of hope and faith. emotional, well, i shared to her my bad news. Im happy to see her new hair. believe me, her beauty and her aura, positive aura, did not change. She also introduced me to the members of Thrive CDO Breast Cancer Awareness Advocacy Group. If i am not mistaken, the group is headed by ms. Karen Lluch.

Thrive CDO Breast Cancer Awareness Advocacy Group

The two (2) hour zumba party ended with new friends meet and some raffle prices from the sponsors. Also, they also gave out congeniality awards which made the party more enjoyable. everybody went home with smile and happiness in their hearts.

I would like to thank all who made this party possible. Thank you to all who participated. YES! let's continue to inspire the fighters, admire the survivors and honor the taken. Let us not give up our hope, faith and love.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Experiencing the 10th Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk

07 October 2017

if i am not mistaken, this should have been my third time to join. the other year, even though that i registered to join, i still did not made it to the walk. last year, i guess i still did the registration but since i need to be with my wife, i did not made it again. at last! i made it! finally! and heres my story and experience.

Heritage of Misamis Oriental Monument, Capitol Grounds

after some pleasantries and mini program at the provincial capitol, we proceeded with our walk at around 8am. we have four destinations: Gaston park; Cogon Market; Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador City; and Apple Tree Resort and Hotel in Opol Town, all are in the province of Misamis Oriental.

we walk along A.Velez street and some turns, we took some shots along the way until we came to Gaston Park and Metropolitan Cathedral.

Background: Water Tower Museum
Foreground: Gaston Park

after some few shots and snacks, we then proceeded to the Cogon Market; one of Cagayan de Oro's major marketplace.

Market Porter
The cogon market shoot is my favorite. all the action and the stories are there. i think i need to learn more about environmental portraits. we took a lot of street photos virtually in every street we walk on to.

From Cogon Market, we went to Centrio Ayala mall for a lunch break. of course, another set of getting along and getting to know each other. after lunch, we went to the Divine Mercy Shrine. a hitch a ride from a fellow participant.

After some formalities, we finally made it all come inside the sacred grounds of the Divine Mercy Shrine. the heat is searing and exhausting but managed to get some shots.

Divine Mercy Shrine, El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental

from here we went to Apple Tree Resort and Hotel for some lectures from the experts. after which, the photoshoot ive been waiting for. the photoshoot of Cagayan de Oro Talent Center.

CDOTC Models
this photoshoot is very challenging to me. first of, im still new to DSLR shooting, for i used point-and-shoot, smartphones and tablet for the past years. even though im new, i literally pushed it by shooting with 50mm, speedlight and manual mode. my first few shots are all under/overexposed so i need to change settings in just a few seconds so that i could take shots to all models. imagine the pressure and the frustrations. after all the bad shots, what a joy, what a relief to see my results in the camera. making me go home happy and contented.

to see more of my photos taken in this photowalk, pls visit my facebookpage @eatsgoodtobeincdo


my big thanks to sir Scott Kelby for making this walk a worldwide hit. to our walk leader sir Clement Dampal II, and to all of my co participants, my big gratitude to you all.

Monday, October 16, 2017

October 17 is National Pampering Day

The long wait will finally be over tomorrow as Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa welcomes you once again tomorrow, October 17, 2017, for another real pampering treat at the celebration of the National Pampering Day.

Relieve your stress and make sure to drop by at any Nailaholics branch nearest you from 10 AM to 1 PM to get a free pampering service of your choice. You may choose to get a soothing manicure, relaxing foot massage or a calming foot spa.

And best of all, by simply participating in this year’s National Pampering Day, you will be able to support the cause of your chosen organization. You can extend your help in the rehabilitation of Marawi City by supporting World Vision, help protect our country’s rich but threatened marine and coastal resources when you support Save Philippine Seas or support The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in preventing animal cruelty. “With all the preparations we’ve made, we are very excited to welcome everyone tomorrow and make them feel that they deserve real pampering” said Arvin Amaro, Marketing Head of Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa.

This is a once a year treat only from the number one pampering destination in the Philippines – Nailaholics. See you all tomorrow and Happy National Pampering Day!


Visit www.nailaholics.com to check their services and find the branch nearest you. Get updates through their Facebook Page Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa, Twitter @_nailaholics and Instagram @_nailaholics

Friday, October 13, 2017

A Nai.a.holic Experience

29 September 2017
Nail.A.Holics Nail Salon and Spa
3/f Centrio Ayala Mall

Nail.a.Holic, a premier nail salon and spa in the country, have two branches here in Cagayan de Oro: one in Centrio Ayala Mall and; one in SM CDO Downtown Premier, will have a National Pampering day this 17th of October. Ticket holders will have a free service of choice. If i am not mistaken only 10 lucky ticket holders per branch will have a one pampering treatment and a way to donate to their chosen charity. But before that said event, i was so privileged to get some treatments too.

Nail.A.Holics is not new to me, in fact, my wife had availed some services too in their Centrio Ayala Branch. She was deeply satisfied to the excellent service done by the expert nail technicians. During those times, she gets the pampering and i got the cardio workout by walking inside the mall to & fro and up & down. But this time around, I'm the one who gets the pampering. For my first dibs, i availed two services: (1) Lush Lagoon and (2) Crystal Sand.

Lush Lagoon is a packaged service that composed of: Manicure + Pedicure + Foot Spa with Foot Massage. To balance both hands and feet pampering, I also got Crystal Sand Service, on which the therapist will do a 30 minute hand massage and reflexology. To my surprise, i thought "hands" means palm and fingers, she massaged my whole arm! good! i said to myself. my arm is so tired and pained from the coverage of the City Fiesta Parade. I've been in pain for almost a month so imagine the relief that gave me.

Nail Technician doing the Lush Lagoon (pedicure)  

I'll definitely going back and avail more massage services, i heard that their back massage named "Pebble Beach" is also a great! to get a list of services they offer and to know more about nail.a.holics, visit their website at http://nailaholics.com, or search them in social media accounts: Facebook Page Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa, Twitter @_nailaholics and Instagram @_nailaholics.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Macho Mucho: Upgrading the Men of CdeO

05 October 2017
Macho Mucho
4/f SM CDO Downtown Premier

Macho Mucho, a hybrid barber shop - salon, (a first here in CDO if i am not mistaken), opens its doors to not only men but also for women. located at the 4/f SM CDO Downtown Premier.

Why hybrid? well, first, its a barber shop that do all the men's barber need like haircut, shave and massage. Salon, will take care all the pamper needs of men (and women) like: manicure-pedicure, hair color and other treatments, grooming and spa.

in short, while the husband or boyfriend is having a barber's treatment....

Photo taken by Sir Tom Udasco

...their (respective) wife/GF/partner can have their pampering while waiting, no more separate ways or different shop to go to.

so go ahead #upgradeyourself only at Macho Mucho.